The Photographic Art Book is a collection of prints that has been drawn from my personal experiences and is a tribute to various influences in my life, including my Scottish / English heritage, the soul of Africa and the human spirit. I was born in Clitheroe in England, but brought up in Africa and after travelling extensively throughout the world I published a book entitled 'Impressions of an Artist'. This is a limited edition, self-published book, all hand signed and numbered."Michael Doran's Mind Haunting Photographs seem to go beyond what is visible and obvious, to tell a more secret and perhaps more accurate truth. If it could be spoken in words it would be. No further illumination is necessary, or possible. The image tells it all in tranquillity and silence."
Foreword note by Herbert Kretzmer. Lyricist for the musical sensation 'Les Miserables'
'Impressions of an Artist' was accepted by the Louvre in Paris to be exhibited in Louvre's Gallery. The book and individual prints are available for purchase -