This compilation of photographs is a hidden view of short stories told by myself to the unsuspecting passerby .

A translated version of my thoughts is depicted throughout the book as short story titles to the images .

Using such mediums as the graphic pencil and oils to imitate thoughts onto canvas , photography is an art form used as a means of self expression to canvas one’s thoughts onto paper .

‘Art is a technique of communication, the image, the words, the story, the verse and the translucent message of immortality is however , the most complete technique of all communication .  The world as we know it, that we refer to as reality has it’s limits yet the world of imagination is endless’

As Ren ‘ Francois Ghislain Magritte so delicately wrote

This book is a collection of art and literature, left to humanity to endure throughout the centuries .

‘ May these words and images diffuse through your being and reach the inner truth of your soul ‘